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This is a wrapper around tsc to compile typescript to esm format without the culprit of having to add '.js' at the end of your import.

When you work with typescript this is valid

import { MyClass } from './myclass';

But the official compiler will generate a file named myclass.js and you will have to write

import { MyClass } from './myclass.js';

This is not really clean in my opinion, so this wrapper will allow you to use the first syntax and will take care of fixing the .js issue for you.

Reference on the famous issue on typescript:


You can run the compiler directly with

npx @webda/tsc-esm

Or add it to your project with

npm add --dev @webda/tsc-esm
# Yarn
yarn add --dev @webda/tsc-esm
# pnpm
pnpm add --dev @webda/tsc-esm

Update your package.json to add a script

"scripts": {
"build": "tsc-esm"