Serverless for developers ! Focus only on your code, deploy everywhere

Why Webda ?

Webda was born when AWS API Gateway was really hard to configure and Lambda was just released. The AWS ecosystem was not as advanced as now, so why not switching completely to AWS ecosystem. As much as i like AWS, i like even more my freedom, so Webda is here to help you leverage Serverless technologies while being able to package it as a docker and deploy on another system or just run it locally for your tests

Start a project in minutes.

With the shell tools, init a project with one command, then use our configuration UI to add services and configure them, your API is ready to use.

Quick and easy

Keep your options open.

You can store your datas in DynamoDB or MongoDB without a change in your code, you can even store in a local folder to run some tests.

Ease of Development

Deploy everywhere.

From the same project, you can deploy into a Docker container and push it to a repository, or deploy on AWS with API Gateway mapping. We also handle local serve for demo and development aswell as new services like WeDeploy

Deploy everywhere

It's easier than you think

A configuration UI as well as predefined services and Polymer component will allow you to quick start a project.