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The Context is used to expose Session and globally all information aroudn the current operation.

As we have the ability to execute outside of http context the Context is not directly linked to the http request.

We have an OperationContext. This is the main context that is used to execute an operation. It is created by the ContextProvider and is used to execute the operation.

Extend Context

You can extend it by adding your own ContextProvider:

import { ContextProvider, Bean, Service, ContextProviderInfo, OperationContext } from "@webda/core";

class MyService extends Service implements ContextProvider {
* @override
resolve(): this {
this.log("INFO", "Registering ArizeContext");
* Return a custom Context
* @param info
* @returns
getContext(info: ContextProviderInfo): OperationContext<any, any> {
return new MyContext(this.getWebda(), info.http,;